green felt textured heart with the word 'felt' cut out


Felt's mission is to make our lives better with technology. Our main product is Felt, a programmable platform for hobbyists and human-scale communities. We're @feltjs on GitHub and Open Collective.

We plan to announce Felt's alpha in Q4 2023. For updates subscribe to our our monthly newsletter.

Our values

  • we put people first
  • sustainability through aligned incentives
  • intentional collaboration, community, and governance
  • accessibility, inclusivity, and diversity
  • open source, interoperability, and extensibility
  • distributed power, democracy, and local decision making
  • transparency and accountability
  • simplicity and efficiency
  • privacy by default
  • easy self-hosting on low-power hardware
  • fostering learning and experimentation
  • having fun

Free and open source

Felt is free and open source software released under the permissive MIT License (see Wikipedia). It's designed to be easily self-hosted on low-power hardware, so you can run a private instance for your communities and maintain full control.

Our projects are on GitHub under @feltjs and you can support our work through Open Collective.